Saturday, February 5, 2022

Finally on the road again 2022 !

After more then a month late leaving because of truck troubles (long story), we finally headed back to Florida.

Crossing Port Huron Border this morning.
Nice and sunny most of the day.
We even felt brave and took the 275 west bypass around Cincinnati, what a beautiful drive no traffic at all, 8 minutes more.
Never going through there again!
In the afternoon it got overcast and looked like it could snow but only got about 3 mins of fluffy stuff.
As we got into Kentucky Melinda decided to put her window down as I was driving to take some pictures, after about 5 mins I finally had to tell her we weren't Florida yet.
But she did get some great pictures.

Tucker was so excited this morning when we were leaving but by afternoon he was curled up on his bed for the rest of the day.
Stopping in Lexington for the night.Early jump tomorrow for the second leg back to Florida.
Talk to you later.


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