Saturday, February 5, 2022

Finally on the road again 2022 !

After more then a month late leaving because of truck troubles (long story), we finally headed back to Florida.

Crossing Port Huron Border this morning.
Nice and sunny most of the day.
We even felt brave and took the 275 west bypass around Cincinnati, what a beautiful drive no traffic at all, 8 minutes more.
Never going through there again!
In the afternoon it got overcast and looked like it could snow but only got about 3 mins of fluffy stuff.
As we got into Kentucky Melinda decided to put her window down as I was driving to take some pictures, after about 5 mins I finally had to tell her we weren't Florida yet.
But she did get some great pictures.

Tucker was so excited this morning when we were leaving but by afternoon he was curled up on his bed for the rest of the day.
Stopping in Lexington for the night.Early jump tomorrow for the second leg back to Florida.
Talk to you later.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Traveling to Lakeland

Left Richmond Ky. heading to Lakeland, Fl.
Stopped at Macon,Ga just because we can... . nice drive... the 2 of us having Happy Hour
No rain or accidents today.
On to Lakeland, Fl. tomorrow

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Where we are !

Here we are just relaxing !
Beautiful day today 68 degrees and sunny.
I took a trip to Petsmart for some dog food and then stopped off at Best Buy wanting to see if they had away to connect my computer up with coaxial cable to hdmi  which they did find a special connection so they ordered me one, will be here Sunday.
After I got home just relaxed by the trailer.... With a cold one!!

Then after supper Melinda and Tucker and myself walked around the park. More people now showing up and decorating their property.

Hear the weather is not the greatest in around the Strathroy/London area ...please be safe when driving.

Talk to you later


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just Relaxing !!

Where we are !

Hi everyone.
It's been a few days since our last blog.
The weather here has been beautiful 80 to 85 degrees and sunny.
Not doing too much, walking Tucker and resealed the trailer roof as one of my friend says
just because !
Today walking around taking pictures enjoying the sunshine also did some laundry
It's suppose to cool down to 67 on Saturday with a chance of rain but we'll see.

Frt.sign as you drive in


Seating Area
Melinda hates blow up lawn ornaments but I like them and easy to put away so I bought some.
Front of our trailer at night

Back of our trailer

                      and then joined Melinda by the pool for a quick dip (heated pool) spoiled!

I Hate Winter !!

Trying to plan the rest of our day ..... Let me think !
Happy Hour 😁

Talk to you later !

Monday, December 4, 2017

Where we are !

We arrived in Lakeland Florida on Friday to our home till March at a resort called Woodalls Rv Resort. Very nice people in the office that we met upon our arrival. Family owned business been around for about 45 years and have about 100 sites some with permanent trailers  and pull in sites. Took about two hours longer to get here from Unadilla Georgia because of traffic congestion on I-75 at Gainesville Florida.
 The nice thing about this park is as soon as we arrived and started to set up many people came up and introduce themselves. Our neighbour behind us make a point of coming over to say Good morning as soon as we come out with our morning coffee. So far I have been out and about daily, going to my TD bank branch down here and of course Camping World (love that place!), Walmart and a few other places.
Also getting exercise 😅have taken Tucker for walks down by city hall where they have huge ponds all around with walking paths.Went to Mom & Jim's for supper tonight also Tucker got to play in the  huge field with his soccer ball which he loves to do.
Pictures to follow.

Talk to you later! 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Easy Sunday

Where we are !

Sunday was a very lazy day,
Beautiful day almost 70 degrees, blue skies
Melinda is into reading her books and getting some sun.
I on the other hand took Tucker for a couple of walks, we met some horses at the fence line on the next property. Tucker went up right up to the fence not quite sure about them. Didn't bark just stared.

I then walked around the property by myself, here they have about 20 to 30 pecan trees so i grabbed a bag and started filling with Pecans.

Fresh Pecans
They also have catch & release fishing ponds.

Talk to you later!


Saturday, November 25, 2017

Where we are !

Good morning !
It's Saturday
We arrived at Southern Trails Resort  in Unadilla Georgia just south of Atlanta yesterday afternoon.
Beautiful blue sunny skies.
The drive was very nice, only hold up was just south of Atlanta about the sixth  off ramp after going through Atlanta. There was a huge strip mall to the left of I-75 where 2 of the  lanes were blocked with cars trying to get off the Interstate. (Black Friday Shopping).Held us back for about 30 minutes but smooth sailing after that.Going through Atlanta was a breeze though and lots of State Troopers out.
Today partly cloudy but warm 66 degrees already got out of sweatshirt and into tee shirt and finished setting up trailer.Took Tucker for a walk and took some pictures of the park we're are at.
here for 7 days then onto Lakeland Florida Dec.1st.

Entrance to Southern Trails

Pool Area
Mini Golf Course

Southern Trails Chapel

Morning coffee
Talk to you later ! 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Trouble on the trails

Where we are !

Hi everyone!
Hope everyone is happy & healthy.
I would like to tell you about our adventures yesterday.

It started out very cold, it got down to 26 degrees here in Crossville Tenn.but warmed up nicely by 11am so Melinda got the ideal to go to Cumberland State Park to check out the trails.
So the three of us jumped into the truck and headed out, it only took us 10 mins to reach the park.

When we arrived we got a park map from the information office and set out.
Started out on red trail which was about 1 mile long then hooked up with yellow trail again about 2 miles long.

 At the end of the yellow trail you had a choice of trails to follow so we decide to be brave and do the blue trail which is about 6 miles long,so we took off to which we thought would be a beautiful hike like the red & yellow trails were.
Very beautiful trails.

Streams you have to cross over

Melinda ahead of us

Taking a break on the bridge

Upward climb

Across the stream

These trails had streams flowing that you used a bridge or in some spots just rocks to cross over.
(Tucker got wet on these ones) but he was a real trooper and kept going.
Now you have to remember these are mountain trails and being on the blue trail,which we did not know meant going up and down  the mountain side. 
(which is not good for 2 people and a dog who are out of shape!!!)😬😬😬.
It seemed like it was a couple hours of hiking and the end did not seem near, so we kept hiking following the trail for about an hour when we met a fellow hiker going the other way, so we asked him if we kept on the trail in the way we were going does it led out. He explained that yes it does but  we had about 2 to 21/2 hours of walking in the direction we were going and that it would be dark before we got out.
He told us to  follow him, the way he's going would take about 11/2 hours  of trails which would put us at an exit just before dark, so off we go again following this gentleman climbing back up and down the mountain sides over tree limbs, rocks, tree roots, across streams  thinking the end would ever come.
We were both sore and aching wondering how the dog was feeling but kept hiking slowly watching the sun as it was starting to go down behind us.
We finally got out of the woods and back to the truck at the information centre just as it was turning dark, it was 610pm. It stopped being fun about 2 hours ago!
We were hiking for about 6 1/2 hours and I figured we hiked about 10 to 12 miles of trails.

When we got home we took some Advil first !! and had homemade nachos with Hamburger, onions, sour cream, peppers, salsa sauce then laid on the bed (both of us still very sore) didn't take Melinda and the dog long to fall asleep so I watch Law and Order about 4 episodes until the Advil kicked in.
We couldn't thank the gentleman enough who helped us out of the park.We don't even want to think about the possibility of hiking on those trails in the pitch dark.
Today we are still sore and taking it easy (No trails). Made a trip to the pet store for some dog food and a toy for Tucker. And if your wondering about Tucker, he was raring  to go is morning as soon as we let him out he took off after a squirrel!😏

Talk to you later !   


Saturday, November 18, 2017

New friends

Where we are !

We've been keeping busy here in Tennessee Helped raked leaves in Dog area and surrounding areas. Playing lots of ball with Tucker.
 Met a very nice couple from Pennsylvania Ted and Patty and their 2 dogs who Tucker even played with  that were parked beside us and had supper at their trailer last night.

Ted made a pork roast with wieners and sausage underneath with sauerkraut with apples a very nice german meal and then we sat talked about where we are both travelling to this year.
They are heading to Needles California and us to Florida.
We are going to stay in touch and try to connect next year somewhere in the states.
They are pulling out tonight and wish them a safe trip. 

I went and filled  up both propane tanks from the trailer today, suppose to get cold for the next couple of nights. In the afternoon Melinda and I went to Walmart and picked up some groceries. Back home now just relaxing and having a beer.
See what tomorrow will bring.

Talk to you later. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Where we are !

Hi everyone.
We rose to a  very foggy morning but by the time we were ready to leave at 930 this morning from Richmond Kentucky it had all cleared. Overcast skies when we left but as soon as we hit I-75 nothing but blue skies all the way.
Breckenridge Lake Resort which is in a town called Crossville Tennessee which is off I-127 is very small but the owner can't do enough for you,they bought the park 4 years ago but also worked here for about 5 years before that.
Only have about 30 sites here.
Free wifi which is very good and they just redid both men & women's bathrooms and have a 40 ft trailer redone as a book room & tv room.
Play area for pets and community fire pit with free wood.
Not bad for only 9 dollars a night, staying here for 10 nights before moving on to Georgia.

Talk to you later !

Check in building

Play area for Tucker

Community fire pit in the middle of the park

Building with washrooms & laundry room

Our trailer set up