Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Just Relaxing !!

Where we are !

Hi everyone.
It's been a few days since our last blog.
The weather here has been beautiful 80 to 85 degrees and sunny.
Not doing too much, walking Tucker and resealed the trailer roof as one of my friend says
just because !
Today walking around taking pictures enjoying the sunshine also did some laundry
It's suppose to cool down to 67 on Saturday with a chance of rain but we'll see.

Frt.sign as you drive in


Seating Area
Melinda hates blow up lawn ornaments but I like them and easy to put away so I bought some.
Front of our trailer at night

Back of our trailer

                      and then joined Melinda by the pool for a quick dip (heated pool) spoiled!

I Hate Winter !!

Trying to plan the rest of our day ..... Let me think !
Happy Hour 😁

Talk to you later !

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  1. Nice to hear from you again, and that you are suffering so back with this winter weather. Hope you can suffer by the pool even more.